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Day Trips in Tyrol

Immerse yourself the rich cultural heritage of Tyrol, as well as the wealth of historical highlights in the Ötztal valley and nearby. During your holiday here with us, you can choose to visit some of the many exciting attractions, such as the prehistoric Ötzi-Village, the picturesque Piburger lake, as well as the highlights situated nearby, such as the stunning capital city of Tyrol, Innsbruck, the glistening Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and the medieval gem Hall in Tyrol.


Panoramic High Alpine Road

If you are travelling here from the south by car or by motorbike, you can make this impressive journey over the high Alpine pass at the very start of your holiday. This is where the Stubai and Ötztal Alps meet. This means that there are an inexhaustible number of hiking and mountaineering routes along the Timmelsjoch high Alpine road.
The pass road is also known in the Alps as the “secret passage” because it is the most direct connection to the south and used to be a popular smugglers’ route.


Ötztal Local Heritage and Open-Air Museum

The museum in Lehn near Längenfeld documents the way of life of the rural communities living in the Ötztal up until the 1950s: It provides unique insight into the modest circumstances in which the rural population lived in the 17th century. The complex features various agricultural installations and a collection of different tools that date back to the time when Pastor Franz Senn first introduced the idea of tourism in the Ötztal in the mid 19th century. There are also various things that you can try yourself.



1991 was the year in which the ice man “Ötzi” was discovered. He had been buried in the ice of the Similaun Glacier at Hauslabjoch since the 4th millennium BC. All that remained to be discovered about Ötzi and the age in which he lived is revealed in the nearby Ötzi Village. As the presence of humans in the Ötztal as early as 8000 BC can be proven, you can also see various plants and animals dating back to pre-historic times for yourself:
Ancient breeds of trout, Soay sheep, Przewalski wild horses, aurochs cattle, and much more.

Piburger See

You can only reach the picturesque Piburger See on foot along the Wiesental valley. It is so delightful and romantic here that you simply must take a rowing boat out onto the lake. After the last ice age a massive rock slide blocked the valley at its south-eastern end and covered its entire bottom. This then filled with water and formed this beautiful lake.


Knappenwelt Tarrenz – Mining Village

Mining has been the source of income for many villages in Tyrol since the 16th century. This is also the case in the Gurgltal region near Imst. The new Knappenwelt Gurgltal provides insight into the tough but fascinating life of the miners. There is no need for you to scrabble around narrow passages. Everything worth knowing is easy to access, touch and experience - attractively displayed in an outdoor museum.



An attractive city with a wealth of cultural and culinary delights, the provincial capital of Tyrol offers excellent shopping opportunities and has a style all of its own: a romantic city with a backdrop of mountains.
The old city centre can look back on 800 years of history. It is home to cultural gems such as the famed Golden Roof, Schwarze Mander sculptures, imperial Hofburg and nearby castle Schloss Ambras, the Alpine Zoo, Bergisel Olympic ski jump and the Tyrol Panorama.
The university city also has plenty to offer all those who like to party.


Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Wattens, home to Swarovski’s headquarters and the glistening Swarovski Crystal Worlds, is well worth a visit. The internationally renowned Austrian songwriter and performance artist André Heller has created a water-spouting giant with an enchanting wonderland of crystals inside.

On the way to this magnificent attraction, we highly recommend a visit to the impressive medieval city of Hall in Tyrol, where you can explore the beautiful alleys, and enjoy the charming boutiques and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee.

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